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Ted Cruz vs. Al Franken: The Net Neutrality Edition

Senatorial snipe exchange.

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Minnesota Democrat Sen. Al Franken has long been one of the most vocal proponents of net neutrality rules. Now, he has a new sparring partner in the form of Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who has quickly become one of the most vocal opponents of the proposed broadband rules.

On Monday, Cruz’s staff responded to comments that Franken made Sunday on CNN suggesting that the Texas senator basically didn’t know what he was talking about.

“He has it completely wrong, and he just doesn’t understand what the issue is,” Franken said on CNN’s “State of the Union” show Sunday morning.

Franken was responding to a tweet Cruz released last week after President Obama told the FCC he thought the agency should re-regulate Internet lines under Title II of the Communications Act, which was written for old phone networks.

Cruz’s staff responded to Franken’s criticism Monday, releasing Vine and YouTube clips of a speech Cruz made Friday in Austin in defense of his position, which is basically that the FCC should keep its mitts off Internet lines and leave it to free-market forces.

Your move, Sen. Franken.

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