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Airtel's Chandrasekaran on Moving From Yahoo to India's Largest Carrier (Full Video)

At Code/Mobile, the Yahoo vet talked about what Silicon Valley companies can learn from developing markets.

Asa Mathat

Anand Chandrasekaran has a unique perspective on the U.S. and Indian markets.

He spent the last many years working at U.S. Internet companies — most recently Yahoo — before returning to India earlier this year to serve as chief product officer for that country’s largest carrier, Bharti Airtel.

Speaking at Code/Mobile, Chandrasekaran shared some of what it is like to be back in India and what U.S. companies could learn from what is working in emerging markets.

He also talked about his company’s recently launched mobile music service as well as being the first carrier to launch Google’s low-cost Android One devices.

And, of course, we asked what he thinks of his old employer, Yahoo, and what it should be doing to re-establish itself.

Here is the full video:

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