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Come On, Put This Google-Owned Surveillance Device in Your House. It'll Be Great!

Google's Nest is running its first TV ads. They're good, in a self-conscious, winking way.

How do you convince regular people to buy Google-owned monitoring gadgets and install them in their homes?

First, don’t mention Google in your nationally televised ads.

Next, make those ads pretty funny.

That’s the strategy Google’s Nest is taking in TV ads — its first campaign — that started running today for its connected thermostat, its connected smoke alarm and its Dropcam monitors.

I’m on the fence about the need for any of these things in my home, but I do appreciate the tack Nest is taking here: Yes, it’s at least a tiny bit weird to put these things into your home. But they’re also cool. And you’re cool, for getting why they’re weird and cool.

Another way you could go for these things is to make a cute little music video — with a straightforward tag line — for them. That’s what British Gas has done for its Hive system. I kind of like it.

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