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Like "Interstellar," but Real: Amazing Images From This Week's Comet Landing

You thought that butt was impressive?

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The two biggest stories on the Internet this week were Kim Kardashian’s rear end and the fact that humans landed a spaceship on a comet.

Supposedly, the people of the Internet paid more attention to the comet than the butt. But apparently all the people in my interest graphs are cretins. Because I saw lots of butts, butt responses and butt derivatives — but I didn’t see any of the astonishing images from European Space Agency, which pulled off the amazing Rosetta mission.

Maybe your pals are animals too! In which case you should look at these:


This photo, taken from the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft, shows the Philae lander (in the middle of the red circle) headed for the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, some 317 million miles from Earth.


The Philae took this shot, using its ROLIS camera, as it descended on to the comet.


This image of the comet was taken after the Philae had landed. You can see one of its legs in the foreground.

Still here? Here’s your bonus GIF, which is supposed to show the Rosetta landing in sort-of-real time. The dark splotch on the left is supposed to show the touchdown.

Want more? Many — fully clothed images — here.

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