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One in Five of You Shares a Lot of Web Video

Like me! That's why I'm sharing this Johnny Depp video with you.

CBS via YouTube
Peter Kafka covers media and technology, and their intersection, at Vox. Many of his stories can be found in his Kafka on Media newsletter, and he also hosts the Recode Media podcast.

Quick Internet analysis shortcut: No matter what you’re talking about, just cite the 80/20 rule.

It helps if you say it with confidence, and maybe while you’re wearing some cool glasses. But no matter how you do it, you’ll probably be right.

Here’s an example! Nearly 20 percent of Web users do most of the video sharing in any given week. And that group generates more than 80 percent of Web video shares.

So says Unruly, the Web video ad company. They have some infographics to prove it.

My hunch is that readership for this website overindexes for that “super sharer” group that Unruly pegs at 17.9 percent. And I’m quite sure that this website’s employees are all in that group.

Here, for instance, is a video of Johnny Depp, perhaps altered, perhaps just being Johnny Depp, at something called the Hollywood Film Awards, which CBS aired last night. You’re welcome!

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