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Mobile Games Company Scopely Raises $35 Million, Plans to Diversify in 2015

Thanks, in part, to sticky Dice.


Mobile gaming company Scopely has raised $35 million in a Series A led by Highland Capital and Evolution Media Partners.

The company, which raised $8.5 million in 2012, will take on Highland partner Andy Hunt and Evolution Media Capital co-managing partner Rick Hess as board members as part of the funding.

Scopely has more than doubled its run rate in the past six months, thanks to recently published games like Disco Bees and “sticky” older titles like the now-three-year-old Dice With Buddies, CEO Walter Driver said in an interview with Re/code.

Although he praised the habitual play built up around games like Dice — in which more than half of active users play every day on average for the month — Driver said the roadmap for 2015 includes some games that will command longer play sessions. He cautioned against the idea that these would be more serious, or “core,” genre games, but said rather that the focus is on rewarding players who keep coming back.

“It’s less about the ‘seriousness’ of the game, and more about, ‘how long is the user going to be engaged in this world?'” Driver said. “Does this get to be a better game after your thousandth play session than after your tenth or hundredth?”

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