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This coloring book features Ted Cruz fighting a giant snake named Obamacare

For Senator Ted Cruz, running for president is a case of life imitating art — or rather, life imitating coloring book.

Ted Cruz coloring book 2016

(Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.)

Publisher Really Big Coloring Book released the Ted Cruz-themed coloring book Cruz to the Future in late 2013 — the publisher says it was the top-selling children's coloring book on Amazon for "about 20 weeks" — and an 8-page supplement, "Ted Saves America," in fall 2014. The image above, of Cruz celebrating his arrival in the White House by doing an Exorcist tribute, is from  the supplement. So is this image that we can only hope Cruz will replicate next, in which he saves America from giant mutant snakes.

Ted Cruz coloring book

(Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.)

I tried to take the liberty of coloring in one of the pages. But I got confused by the biology of the mutant snakes. Where does Lawlessness Snake end and Injustice Snake begin??

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