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Samsung Unveils 360-Degree Virtual Reality Camera

Samsung unveils 360-degree virtual reality camera at its developer conference.

Samsung Electronics took the wraps off a 360-degree camera that captures images in 3-D.

The camera, called Project Beyond, captures panoramic views with its 16 high-definition cameras positioned around the edges of the spherical device. It’s capable of delivering live streaming video by stitching the images together into one, continuous scene that can be viewed through Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset — a device that’s powered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

Samsung showed off the camera at its developer’s conference Wednesday in San Francisco. The South Korean electronics giant is aggressively pushing virtual reality through a partnership with Facebook’s Oculus VR, as it seeks to demonstrate its emphasis on innovation.

Samsung Electronics President Won-Pyo Hong described virtual reality as one of the areas that will “fundamentally change” how people interact with technology and the world around them.

No word on when the Project Beyond camera will be available to purchase.

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