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Apple's Greg Joswiak on What Makes Apple Apple (Full Video)

In a rare public chat, the head of iOS and iPhone marketing reflects on his long tenure and talks about why Apple chooses its spots rather than target a mass market.

Asa Mathat

Apple gets asked a lot why it doesn’t do a low-end phone, a low-end laptop, or what have you.

It’s just not Apple’s way, longtime Apple VP Greg Joswiak said at the recent Code/Mobile conference.

Joswiak also talked about the recent issues with iOS software bugs, noting that Apple moves quickly when issues do crop up. As for the specific issue with iOS 8.0.1, he noted that the problem with the software wasn’t actually the iOS update itself. The technology used to deliver the update introduced the error, which prevented some phones from making calls.

He also talked about a wide range of other things, including Apple Pay.

Here’s the full video:

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