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Sexting Is Perfectly Normal Behavior, Cracking Silicon Valley's Whiteness and More #Mustreads

A spacecraft is going to land on a comet! For real life, not starring Ben Affleck!


Good morning!

The Internet is a damp and winding tunnel, far below the Earth’s surface. Here’s a lantern and a map, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. So long as there are two people with camera-equipped phones and a cellular connection, there will be sexts. There’s no use in staking out a moral high ground about it, that’s just the way it is. And that’s okay! The New York Times’ tech and lifestyle writer Jenna Wortham has a fascinating Medium piece chronicling how and why people sext, using interviews and trippy artwork. Probably NSFW.
  2. Tristan Walker is a young, celebrated Silicon Valley entrepreneur, with high-profile friends and funding. Unlike most of his peers, however, Walker is black, and grew up in one of New York City’s rougher neighborhoods. His company, Walker & Co. Brands, aims to build products that serve the communities that Silicon Valley has traditionally ignored, like the one he grew up in. Read this profile in Fast Company to get the whole story.
  3. “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey has a dating site. It’s called Delightful. It doesn’t work super well, and it’s an extension of Harvey’s anachronistic-yet-successful “Think Like A Man” book and #brand. This Jezebel story about one woman’s month on Delightful points out that Harvey’s creepy and paternalistic “straight-talk” might sell books, but it’s a shitty premise for a dating website.
  4. Yesterday we linked to a New Yorker profile of AOL’s “digital prophet” David “Shingy” Shing, and today we bring you this longer Shingy story by Maria Bustillos in Details. Paris Review gets him next.
  5. Today, at approximately 6 am PT/9 am ET, a spacecraft will attempt to land on a comet. This hasn’t ever happened before! It’s very exciting! For more on this (including livestream links), here’s Wired.

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