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Motorola's Rick Osterloh on Staying the Course While Changing Hands (Full Video)

The president of Motorola is taking the company from one owner to another while still revamping the product line.

Asa Mathat

Rick Osterloh has a steady hand, a quality that was on full display during his appearance at the Code/Mobile conference.

Osterloh, who is the president of Motorola, has been guiding his company at a time of great transition, both in its products and in its corporate ownership. The company has been working to revamp its product line around a smaller array of low-cost smartphones and accessories such as the Moto 360 watch and Moto Hint handset.

At the same time as all that product change, Motorola has been in the midst of changing hands from Google to Lenovo.

Osterloh took the Code/Mobile stage on Oct. 28, just two days before Lenovo announced it had finalized the purchase.

Here’s the full video:

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