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What Newspapers Think Gay Marriage Looks Like, Gritty "Adventure Time" and More #Mustreads

Newspapers preferred one sex on the front page over the other.

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Here is some content for your perusal, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. On Monday, the Supreme Court gave five states the go-ahead to legalize gay marriages. Bloomberg Politics looked at the covers of 35 newspapers in those states and found that 29 of them used only lesbian couples on the front page. You can see the newspapers and their covers here.
  2. If you’ve smoked pot in the last five years or know someone who has, you’ve likely encountered one of the urtext stoner artifacts of the Internet age, the Cartoon Network TV show “Adventure Time.” The YouTube channel GrittyReboots made a gritty and oddly haunting live-action reimagining of the show. It’s violent, creepy and makes you wonder how long before Hollywood puts something similar on the big screen.
  3. Though security experts have long argued that data encryption hasn’t kept up with the pace of the tech industry, it took Edward Snowden’s leaks from last year to prove to us just how vulnerable our information is to intrusion, whether it’s from the government or elsewhere. Apple’s new iPhone encryption shows that Silicon Valley is paying attention, and we should be thanking Apple for it. So argues Kevin Poulsen, in Wired.
  4. Death From Above 1979 is a Canadian rock duo that released one album in 2004, developed an obsessive fan base and then disbanded suddenly, at the peak of its success. This year, they got back together and released their first new album in a decade (to positive reviews, like this one from the Guardian). A new documentary by Eva Michon, whose husband is one half of the group, covers how and why they broke up — and why they got back together. You can preview, rent or buy “Life After Death From Above 1979” on Vimeo.
  5. A tale of two ICPs: The International Center of Photography is a world-renowned museum, school and research hub based in New York. The Insane Clown Posse is a rap duo from Detroit with a cultish and vaguely criminal following. A group of photographers and scientists took over the Instagram account of one ICP to document the effects of climate change and underscore why photography is important to understanding it. Read this Wall Street Journal article to find out which ICP it is.

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