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Lil Jon wants you to vote in November, defiles his party anthem to convince you

Both voting and Lil' Jon's hit song "Turn Down For What" are amazing, so it's perhaps fitting that they've been combined in the form of a Rock The Vote web video urging people to vote.

And yet, readers of Alex Abad-Santos' important turn down for what explainer will recognize that by transforming the tune into "Turn Out For What?" the well-meaning advocates of civic engagement have botched its meaning. As Santos wrote:

"Turn down for what?" is a rhetorical question. There's nothing, at this moment in time, that's worth coming down from this high, Lil' Jon feels. What would make you want to sober up instead of being drunk/high/having a good time?

Turning the song into a sincere, earnest plea for voting subverts that entire structure.

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