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Microsoft to Hold Cloud Event October 20

More Azure news coming.

Asa Mathat

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just tweeted that the software giant will be holding an event in San Francisco on Oct. 20 that will be devoted to news on cloud computing.

Shortly after that tweet, which referenced a conversation Nadella had at today’s Gartner Symposium, Microsoft emailed an invitation to the event. Nadella will be talking about the company’s plans for forthcoming investments in its cloud computing and applications services, including Azure. Nadella will appear with Scott Guthrie, the Microsoft EVP who runs its cloud and enterprise group.

Since taking over as CEO earlier this year, Nadella has sought to put more attention on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and it has become an increasingly important bulwark of its enterprise computing strategy.

Among the new services that have come from the Azure division is a machine-learning platform for working with big data problems and a cloud-based version of its Dynamics customer relationship management application that competes with and Oracle.

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