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Watch Tom Cruise Die 1,000 Times, Ex-Redditor Embarrassed by Reddit CEO and More #Mustreads

There's something oddly therapeutic about watching Tom Cruise die a thousand deaths.


Good morning!

Re/code is here with some content to go down with your morning coffee:

  1. A former Reddit employee posted an “Ask Me Anything” post on the social news site yesterday, and claimed that he was fired by the company for no good reason. Reddit CEO Yishan Wong noticed and issued a point-by-point rebuttal in the same thread. This should be obvious, but a word of advice: It’s a really bad idea to talk shit about your former bosses on the website they run.
  2. “Edge of Tomorrow,” the surprisingly good Tom Cruise vehicle that came out this past summer, is basically “Groundhog Day” but with Cruise dying repeatedly on a battlefield while fighting weird and somewhat terrifying alien robot things. At the AV Club, you can watch a supercut of Tom Cruise getting killed over and over again. It’s wonderful.
  3. Here’s a nifty tool: Emergent, a “real-time rumor tracker” which tells you whatever rumors are trending on the Web on a given day. Click on a rumor, see what different sources are saying and then go about your day aware that Kim Jong Un’s sister is most likely not in charge of the North Korean government. Emergent is a project of the Tow Center of Digital Journalism at Columbia, run by media critic Craig Silverman.
  4. Step one: Tweet a picture of an excerpt from the work of a late-19th century economist and identify it as from Lena Dunham’s new book. Step two: Watch as Twitter melts down, believing Lena Dunham really authored the quote. Step three: Write a funny Vice post about it.
  5. New York Penn Station is one of the busiest transit centers in one of the most highly populated cities in the world. It’s also a mess, an unnavigable mishmash of Sbarros and commuter rail lines that makes even the most level-headed New Yorkers break down and sob in exasperation. In The Awl, Ryan Bradley wrote about his walk through Penn Station with an architecture professor to figure out what makes the place so awful. Turns out that designing a commuter hub as if it were a tourist spot is a terrible idea.

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