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Re/code on TV: More Apple, Windows 10 and Vegas

Team Re/code's hits on TV and radio from last week.

Re/code reporters hit the airwaves this week, with staffers weighing in on Apple Pay, Apple’s content strategy, the future of streaming subscriptions and the Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Culture writer Nellie Bowles also launched her week-long series on Sin City’s techtopia.

On Tuesday, Co-Executive Editor Walt Mossberg joined CNBC’s Squawk Alley to discuss the future of PayPal following the announcement of the spinoff and how it may impact the new Apple Pay product unveiled last month. Mossberg also reviewed T-Mobile’s new “Wi-Fi Unleashed” for the iPhone 6.

Re/code’s other Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher appeared on Squawk Alley on Friday to discuss Apple’s streaming service, how it’s declining, and what the company — and the streaming industry in general — can do to win back consumers. She also touched on Apple’s future content strategy.

During Swisher’s appearance on Friday she also discussed Google’s potential to create a large screen television display.

On Monday, Bowles joined NBC to discuss her week-long, in-depth series on the tech wonderland built by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, Senior Editor Ina Fried joined CNBC to discuss the new Windows 10 operating system, including why Microsoft went from Windows 8 straight to Windows 10.

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