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The 10 Silicon Valley Startups Engineers Most Want to Work For

LinkedIn's annual list includes Lytro, Coursera and Fitbit.

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Silicon Valley tech companies go to great lengths to woo new employees.

Free meals, unlimited vacation days, even free transportation make up just some of the perks offered by startups and tech giants, where software engineers often make well over six figures. If you know how to code, there’s a good chance you’ll have your pick of the litter.

So when the engineers and IT pros are interested in your startup — well, that’s usually a pretty good sign. LinkedIn released its annual list of the most InDemand startups earlier this week, highlighting the top 10 startups that engineers and IT professionals most want to work for. LinkedIn looked at companies with fewer than 500 employees, and selected the list after analyzing data from more than 330,000 members to determine which startups they engage with the most (view their company page, follow their updates, etc.)

The most attractive startup on the list: Lytro, a Mountain View, Calif., startup building tricked out cameras for photography lovers. Health tech startup Theranos and activity tracker Fitbit round out the top three.

Making LinkedIn’s InDemand list is a good omen for startups. Of the 10 companies on last year’s list, six are now worth over $1 billion, including Pinterest and Dropbox. Three of them — GoPro, Violin Memory, and Nimble Storage — have gone public (although Wall Street hasn’t been kind to Violin Memory or Nimble).

The takeaway: Engineers on LinkedIn have a good track record for picking winners.

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