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The news, in 9 baby Halloween costumes

We're very used to writing explainers at Vox. We're a lot less used to being explained — especially by Halloween costumes.

But there's a first for everything.


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We were so impressed by Adam Frucci's creativity that we decided to put together a list of Halloween costumes that explain the news. And since the best Halloween costumes are the ones involving babies, here you go: nine babies in Halloween costumes that explain the news.

1) Baby Ruth Bader Ginsburg

At 81 years old, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is the oldest Justice on the US Supreme Court. After plenty of speculation around the question of her retirement, last month, in an interview with Elle, Justice Ginsburg finally addressed her age, as Andrew Prokop explains.

2) Baby Captain Marvel

Don't know who Captain Marvel is? Check out this explainer from Alex Abad-Santos.

3) Baby Zombie from The Walking Dead


Vox likes good shows — and The Walking Dead is one of the best. In addition, it's the highest-rated show in cable history. Todd VanDerWerff wrote a terrific essay for the season five premiere about how Carol has become the show's best character.

4) Child who is terrified of the Common Core

Common core costume

(When Crazy Meets Exhaustion)

Libby Nelson has regularly tackled the hotly debated  Common Core, to explain why the new curriculum "complicates" math like it does.

5) Baby Rand Paul

Rand Paul is a likely presidential candidate for 2016. Don't know that much about him? No worries — Zack Beauchamp has written about Paul, as have Matt Yglesias and Andrew Prokop.

6) Baby as marijuana

Baby marijuana


In Tuesday's midterm elections, Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia will all vote on the legalization of marijuana. German Lopez has written everything you need to know about marijuana legalization, as well as several other articles, including the wonderfully-headlined The Clintons seem a lot more relaxed on marijuana.

7) Baby Pope Francis

Pope Francis consistently manages to capture the world's attention by saying and doing things that we're not used to seeing a pope say and do. Vox has covered many such instances, like when Francis gave his 10 tips for a happy life, and when he took on the mafia. We also have a card stack that will answer many of your questions about the Pontiff of the Catholic Church.

8) Baby Taylor Swift

If you're a regular Vox reader, then you're probably accustomed to seeing Taylor Swift pop up in stories. Like this piece, where Kelsey McKinney talks about her new album, 1989. Or this one, when Libby Nelson discussed Swift's philanthropy. Or these two, where Nilay Patel and I talked about Swift's op-ed about the music industry.

9) Baby Beyonce and Jay-Z

There are many perks to being Beyonce and Jay-Z. One of them, as Kelsey McKinney recently noted, is getting to be closer to the Mona Lisa than anyone else.

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