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This video about 43 missing Mexican students shows the power of art as protest

On September 26, a group of 43 student protesters went missing in Iguala, Mexico. It is believed that the students, who were studying at the Ayotzinapa teacher's college, were detained by police and then handed over to members of a local drug cartel, who murdered them — possibly at the behest of the local mayor or his wife, who are now both on the run.

The story of the missing students has struck a chord in Mexico, which has been racked by massive protests demanding their return.

Now artists have joined the protesters. A project called Illustradores con Ayotzinapa (Illustrators with Ayotzinapa) invited artists to paint portraits of the victims, to humanize them as individuals. A musician named Arturo Leyva wrote a song about the students and used the portraits to create a video to accompany his music.

The result, as you can see in the video above, is heartbreaking. "Where is my brother?" Leyva sings in Spanish, "who you took away/ who you condemned/ because he protested?"

You can view more of the portraits here.

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