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White House Launches 3-D Printed Holiday Ornament Contest

Warm up your 3-D printer: Your ornament could hang on a White House Christmas tree.

White House

Obama administration officials launched their first-ever holiday contest for 3-D printed (or designed) ornaments Thursday, giving entrants the chance to have their creations hung on a White House tree this December.

You have less than two weeks to get a design in for the contest, which ends November 10. Entry instructions are here.

You don’t need a 3-D printer to win. You can just design a 3-D ornament using modeling software. It will be printed courtesy of the White House if they think it’s one of the best.

Contest organizers say ornaments should “reflect the magic and wonder of the holidays, so think ornaments that represent winter sports, toys, activities, symbols, and anything that inspires you during the festive winter season.”

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