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Ray Ozzie Talks Up Talko, Muses on Microsoft at Code/Mobile (Full Video)

The software pioneer and former Microsoft chief software architect says that voice-based messaging has a role to play given how much time workers are on the go.

Asa Mathat

Ray Ozzie knows that he is taking a risk by betting on voice with his new startup, Talko. But he says he has some good reasons to think it might take off.

And a lot of them have to do with how much work is done on the go these days, rather than at a desk.

“The work boundaries don’t end at the workplace … for better or worse,” Ozzie said, speaking at the Code/Mobile conference earlier this week.

As for former employer Microsoft, Ozzie said the company has its challenges — especially when it comes to mobile — but said that it is in good hands with new CEO Satya Nadella.

Here’s the full video:

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