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Microsoft Says Samsung Owes It $6.9 Million in Contract Dispute

Microsoft sued Samsung in August, asking a court to rule that the purchase of Nokia didn't invalidate its Android patent licensing deal with the Korean electronics giant.

Asa Mathat

Microsoft’s lawsuit against Samsung was unsealed on Friday, revealing that the software maker believes it is owed $6.9 million in unpaid interest from last year.

Microsoft sued in August, asking a federal court to rule that its Nokia purchase didn’t breach the company’s contract with Samsung. That contract calls for the Korean electronics giant to pay Redmond a royalty for each Android phone and tablet it makes.

A lot is at stake in the case, as is made clear by the details unsealed Friday. Microsoft notes in the suit that Samsung paid it $1 billion last year under the patent agreement.

“We are confident that our case is strong and that we will be successful,” Deputy General Counsel David Howard said in a statement on Friday. “At the same time, Microsoft values and respects our long partnership with Samsung, is committed to it, and expects it to continue.”

Here’s the unredacted suit:

Microsoft v Samsung Unsealed Suit

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