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Dropbox Names a Few Enterprise Customers in the Media Biz

A not-so-subtle shot at rival Box.


Dropbox, the massive cloud file storage and collaboration service, landed a grab bag of media clients for its steadily growing enterprise business — names that say a lot about its competitive progress against rival Box.

Hearst, News Corp., and MacMillan Publishing have signed on to Dropbox, according to a company blog post by enterprise head Ross Piper. That’s sure to catch the attention of Box, which has been wooing the media industry since its inception.

In May, Dropbox announced it got music service Spotify — four days after Box said it signed on industrial giant GE.

Dropbox had 80,000 paying corporate customers as of July, about twice the number of paying corporate customers for Box. In today’s post, it said the business has grown by more than 200 percent in the last year.

Dropbox has also recently boosted its funding. In April it secured $500 million in debt financing, which added to a $350 million round of private equity funding that valued Dropbox at $10 billion.

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