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What's in Nico Sell's Surveillance-Protection Case? (Video)

What's in the box?

Asa Mathat

Nico Sell always wears dark sunglasses when cameras are around. Which, these days, is pretty much all the time.

This is not an attempt to intimidate (although it works for that, too). Sell, a security-industry veteran who takes privacy to the extreme, told Re/code’s Liz Gannes at the Code Mobile conference today that the dark glasses serve to keep her retinas private.

Sell also presented Gannes with a surveillance-protection kit that included some basic tools for evading spies, including laptop-camera stickers and a wire attachment that prevents malicious apps from listening to audio through your smartphone. The case itself blocks RFID cards from being detected.

Below is a short clip from the interview, during which Sell presents Gannes with her own surveillance-protection kit:

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