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Disruptive Car Thieves, Trying Out Uber for Manservants and More #Mustreads

Your keyless car lock may not be that safe, paying a hot guy to cater to (nearly) every need and more.

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Good morning!

There’s lots of bad stuff on the Internet. But don’t worry, there’s also good stuff! Re/code is here with some of the latter:

  1. Last month, there was briefly an Internet moral panic over a startup called ManServant that allows (mostly) women to purchase non-sexual male escorts. Read this Valleywag post to learn more about that. Then read Julieanne Smolinski’s hilarious account on Medium of an awkward baseball game and an even more awkward bar night with a ManServant manservant, and contemplate the crazy things capitalism makes us do.
  2. Via Romenesko, a strong candidate for correction of the year, in The Dartmouth: “The editorial should have stated that some pledges were required to simulate oral sex on an inanimate object, which the house’s advisor now says may have been a banana.”
  3. Femsplain is a new site aimed at amplifying the voices of women on the Internet by filling in the gaps left by more traditional outlets and women’s interest sites. It’s aesthetically tasteful and has a talented leadership crew headed by Tumblr’s Amber Gordon. This piece, “I WebMD My First Orgasm,” is especially funny and somewhat true to its title.
  4. Repetitive piano music, slurred female vocals and a healthy dose of bass are a big part of pop music right now. This addictive remix of “Classic” by The Knocks strips the song to just those three things, and it sounds wonderful.
  5. In theory, keyless cars are harder to break into. With no key, there’s no lock to pick. But, somewhat predictably, the BBC reports that a group of hackers in the U.K. are now using computers to break into keyless cars. Also predictably: This “continually evolving problem” is also affecting the U.S., and some insurance companies are blaming the customers. Yay.

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