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Michelle Phan Says Music Should Be Free Because Team Internet (Video)


Asa Mathat

For the most part, beauty vlogger Michelle Phan’s story has been like a fairytale. The 27-year-old who started doing makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2007 now has seven million YouTube subscribers, an $84 million beauty company and recently released a new book. But last year, Phan was hit with an EDM lawsuit. Phan said she was given permission by Ultra Records to use the music for her makeup tutorials — that is, until she started making money.

As a result, she started her own own label with Cutting Edge Music. “We’re living in an age where we should be collaborating. Because it’s the Internet now. It’s hard to say who owns what,” she said. “If it’s music, music should be free. Music should be free for everyone to hear … I believe in Team Internet.” For more, check out the video below:

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