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Last Night's "Saturday Night Live" on YouTube: Jim Carrey Sells Lincolns Like Matthew McConaughey

Remember when NBC didn't want you to watch this stuff on the Web?

Screencap via YouTube
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It’s Sunday, so it’s time to watch last night’s “Saturday Night Live” highlight, a genius-level parody of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln ads, starring Jim Carrey. Find three minutes in your day for this must-watch:

You’re still here? Thanks! This is the time in the post where we note that it used to be difficult to find clips of last night’s “Saturday Night Live” on the Web. And that the unauthorized posting of SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” on YouTube, nearly nine years ago, helped that site blow up — at least in the public consciousness.

Over time, NBC* and Broadway Video — SNL producer Lorne Michaels’s company, which owns the show — have gotten much more aggressive about getting this stuff out there. A few years ago, they tried to limit the clips’ exposure to NBC-owned sites and Hulu. Last year, they brought Yahoo into the mix with a sort-of-exclusive deal for back-catalog stuff, while opening up a YouTube channel for international users.

And this year, anyone in the U.S. who wants to find SNL highlights can just do what they’ve always wanted to do: Go to YouTube. You’ll find many — but not all — of the show’s clips here, along with extras and archive stuff. Have fun.

* NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Revere Digital, Recode’s parent company.

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