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Re/code in the Media: Amazon's Stock Tanks, Yahoo Touches Up Its Makeover and More

Re/code writers appeared on TV and online to discuss this week's headlines.

Elizabeth Crane began her writing and editing career penning business profiles and case studies for print magazines. After a long and varied freelance career, she joined All Things D as a copy editor and came to Vox in the Recode acquisition.

This week, Re/code writers and editors took to the airwaves to discuss Microsoft earnings, Yahoo’s makeover, Amazon’s slippage, the intricacies of Gamergate and a panoply of other topics.

Senior Editor Liz Gannes appeared on Marketplace, discussing the instant gratification economy in general and the Luxe valet parking app in particular.

Gannes also appeared on This Week in Tech to talk about Shuddle, the “Uber for kids.”

On our media partner CNBC, co-Executive Editor Walt Mossberg talked about testing Apple Pay:

and discussed his review of the new iPad Air 2:

Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher took on Microsoft and its third-quarter earnings:

and the beating that Amazon’s stock took this week:

Also on CNBC, Managing Editor Edmund Lee discussed Yahoo and Marissa Mayer’s makeover plans for the company with Jon Fort.

Senior Editor Amy Schatz took to C-Span to talk about net neutrality and spectrum auctions:

Associate Editors Nellie Bowles and Eric Johnson appeared on MSNBC talking about Gamergate.

And Senior Editor Peter Kafka appeared on Mediatwits to discuss HBO’s and CBS’s subscription streaming services:

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