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T-Mobile's Legere Launches Twitter Storm to Talk Apple SIM (And Poke Rivals)

T-Mobile CEO John Legere launches one-man Twitter storm to discuss the intricacies of the new Apple SIM -- and take a few shots at rival wireless carriers (natch).

T-Mobile’s voluble chief executive launched a one-man Twitter storm to discuss the new Apple iPads designed to work on any mobile carrier’s network — and criticize rival wireless carriers that have taken steps to thwart this effort.

John Legere notes that the Apple SIM has been the source of some confusion. Its debut represented a milestone for the industry, allowing customers who buy a new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 the flexibility to choose a wireless carrier after they purchase the device.

Except Verizon Wireless chose not to play. It requires subscribers to obtain a separate SIM to connect to its network. And AT&T will lock the device’s SIM to its network once a customer uses it on AT&T.

Legere, every the savvy marketer, notes that T-Mobile doesn’t attempt to confine its customers in this fashion.

He goes on to explain the nuances of activating a tablet purchased at the Apple store versus one bought through a mobile carrier, and points out some surprising complications.

The 20-part Twitter dissertation shows Legere’s deftness in using social media to directly engage consumers. Take note: He is scheduled to appear Monday at the Code/Mobile conference.

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