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LG Gets Into the Smartphone Chip Game With Nuclun, an Eight-Core Processor

Its first homegrown processor will debut in the G3 Screen, a phablet targeted at the Korean market


Korea’s LG confirmed on Thursday night that it is indeed getting into the business of making its own mobile processors.

While most phone makers get their processors from companies such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, a number of players also have homegrown options. Archrival Samsung has its Exynos chip, used in some Galaxy models, while Huawei also has its own processor.

LG’s entry is an eight-core processor called called Nuclun (pronounced NOO-klun). It, like rival chips, is based on a processing core licensed from ARM. Specifically, it uses ARM’s Big.little approach, pairing four A15 processing cores and four A7 cores for less intense demands.

Nuclun will make its debut in the G3 Screen, a 5.9-inch-screen smartphone debuting this week and geared specifically for the Korean market.

“With this in-house solution, we will be able to achieve better vertical integration and further diversify our product strategy against stronger competition,” LG Mobile chief executive Jong-seok Park said in a statement. “Nuclun will give us greater flexibility in our mobile strategy going forward.”

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