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YieldMo Raises $10 Million More for Mobile Ads

Time Warner is in this round. Google and Union Square are back.

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Mobile ad startup YieldMo, which says it can make ads that both marketers and phone users like, has raised another $10 million in a round led by Time Warner’s venture arm. Investors who bet on the company in an $8 million round last year, including Google and Union Square Ventures, are back as well.

YieldMo runs a private ad exchange for mobile publishers and lets them run ads on both mobile sites and apps. So do many other mobile ad startups, but CEO Michael Yavonditte says his special sauce is his ability to create new ad formats and optimize existing ones.

He’s particularly proud of YieldMo’s Ad Format Lab, an in-house group dedicated to making and testing new kinds of mobile ads. It’s led by David Goligorsky, an engineer and designer whose resume includes four years at Ideo, the well-known design shop.

Yavonditte is best known for creating and selling ad startup Quigo; after that, he started, which pivoted into Hashable, an attempt to blend LinkedIn and Facebook.

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