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This Ohio man has the perfect reaction to Ebola

Mike Stone/Getty Images

Ebola hysteria is in full swing. Some kids are being turned away from New Jersey schools because they're African (but from Rwanda, a country without Ebola). Others are being shunned in Nebraska because their parents have treated Ebola patients at University of Nebraska's Medical Center.

Enter Peter Pattakos, a 36-year-old lawyer in Ohio. He gave one of the most level-headed interviews about his risk of contracting Ebola after visiting an Ohio bridal shop the same day as Amber Joy Vinson, one of the Texas nurses diagnosed with Ebola. Here he is in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

ebola sanity
Pattakos gets what the people shunning children don't: Ebola is difficult to contract. The friends and family who cared for the patient who died in Dallas, Thomas Duncan, did not contract the disease. Ebola is no doubt a deadly disease that is horrific to contract. But very few Americans need to fear the disease: it only spreads by direct contact with bodily fluids of an Ebola patient. The vast majority of us aren't having that contact, and are going to be just fine.

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