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Google's New Android Ads Make Fragmentation Cool (Videos)

"Because everyone doing the same thing won't move us forward."

When talking about Android, critics of Google and fans of Apple (and there’s a bit of overlap between those groups) like to throw around the f-word: Fragmentation.

The sheer number of Android devices with different innards, different screen sizes and from different manufacturers, the argument goes, fragments the mobile “experience.” Unlike the tightly controlled iOS product line, Android is all over the map and can mean a lot of different things to different people, which can be both good and bad.

Google is pushing for “good” in its new Android ad campaign, molding that variety of devices and functions into a sort of punk ethos. One of its new advertisements, called “And You,” sets videos of a diverse bunch of people using Android devices to Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard,” specifically calling out device makers like Samsung, HTC and LG.

Another new ad, “Be Together. Not The Same,” articulates the same idea with a more Think Different-y inspirational bent. Which is ironic, of course, because Android is soundly beating iOS in market share.

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