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Oct 15, 2014, 8:10pm EDT
  • February 22

    Vox Sentences: Measles isn’t a thing of the past

    A new ruling from a federal judge puts convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein back in the headlines; Japan reports an outbreak of measles.

  • February 21

    Vox Sentences: The 2018 midterms still aren’t over

    Evidence of election fraud in North Carolina; Venezuelans flee a humanitarian crisis.

  • February 20

    Vox Sentences: Is Europe forming its own army?

    Discussing libel laws; the potential of a European army.

  • February 19

    Vox Sentences: A (nuclear) bombshell report

    A House report reveals Trump’s plans to develop nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia; Haitian officials arrest five Americans.

  • February 18

    Vox Sentences: The pope will listen to survivors

    The Vatican prepares to talk about the sexual abuse of minors; Australia is hit with a cyberattack.

  • February 15

    Vox Sentences: California’s train plan derails

    High-speed rail is a no-go in California; the House votes to condemn the war in Yemen.

  • February 14

    Vox Sentences: Emergency! Emergency!

    Trump doesn’t call for a shutdown, but a national emergency looms; Amazon nixes its planned headquarters in New York.

  • February 13

    Vox Sentences: This time, nature wins

    A hallmark conservation bill is passed by the Senate; charges against a former US Air Force intelligence agent.

  • February 12

    Vox Sentences: The rest of El Chapo’s life

    El Chapo faces life in prison; 12 defendants are on trial in Madrid for their roles in the Catalan independence movement.

  • February 11

    Vox Sentences: A message from Denver’s teachers

    Denver’s teachers go on strike; a video shows a reportedly dead Uighur musician alive.

  • February 8

    Vox Sentences: A few questions for Matthew Whitaker

    Acting AG Matthew Whitaker testifies; the Supreme Court halts a Louisiana abortion law.

  • February 7

    Vox Sentences: The Green New Deal gets real

    AOC’s Green New Deal; tension between France and Italy.

  • February 6

    Vox Sentences: A #MeToo reckoning in Costa Rica

    Trump picks a World Bank skeptic to lead the institution; Costa Rica’s former president faces sexual assault allegations.

  • February 5

    Vox Sentences: What to expect from the State of the Union

    A look ahead at President Trump’s State of the Union; the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan amid peace talks.

  • February 4

    Vox Sentences: Racism and #MeToo in Virginia

    Virginia officials grapple with accusations; El Salvador elects a millennial president.

  • February 1

    Vox Sentences: The Texas voter purge

    A flawed list of voters in Texas; the US will withdraw from a nuclear treaty with Russia.

  • January 31

    Vox Sentences: Schultz stirs up a Venti-size debate

    Howard Schultz tests the political waters; European nations form a company that could trade with Iran.

  • January 31

    Vox Sentences: Nearly 17 months since Maria

    Hurricane Maria relief efforts are slow and costly; a burst dam in Brazil has major human and environmental impacts.

  • January 31

    Vox Sentences: Redoing Brexit’s “only possible” deal

    The US brings charges against the Chinese tech giant Huawei; Brexit negotiations will return to Brussels.

  • January 29

    Vox Sentences: When freezing means global warming

    How a polar vortex links to climate change; the US steps up pressure to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

  • January 25

    Vox Sentences: A Band-Aid for a 35-day wound

    Mueller indicts Roger Stone; Trump allows the government to temporarily reopen.

  • January 24

    Vox Sentences: What a bat tells us about Ebola

    The Senate shuts down vote to reopen federal government; tracing Ebola’s origins.

  • January 23

    Vox Sentences: State of Disunion

    Contesting the State of the Union address; a president is challenged in Venezuela.

  • January 22

    Vox Sentences: The politics of Mexico’s deadly pipeline explosion

    Trump’s transgender military ban gets a boost from the Supreme Court; a deadly explosion in Mexico raises troubling questions.

  • January 18

    Vox Sentences: Who’s at the top of Moscow Tower?

    Lies surround Trump’s business in Russia; an explosion in Colombia’s capital.

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