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Oct 15, 2014, 8:10pm EDT
  • September 25

    Vox Sentences: Could Brazil’s Trump be elected president?

    Bill Cosby is sentenced to jail time; a populist wave begins to swell in Brazil.

  • September 24

    Vox Sentences: Christine Blasey Ford is not alone

    A second woman accuses Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct; Russia’s alliance with Israel weakens as one with Syria grows.

  • September 21

    Vox Sentences: Rod Rosenstein’s high-wire act

    A bombshell report on Rod Rosenstein fuels Trump’s suspicions; the Kremlin apparently wanted to smuggle WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to Russia.

  • September 20

    Vox Sentences: 24 hours, 3 mass shootings

    Back-to-back-to-back mass shootings take place within 24 hours; more than 200 presumed to be dead after a boat meant for 100 people capsizes in Tanzania.

  • September 19

    Vox Sentences: Will Texans bet on Beto?

    It’s all about Beto and barbecue in the Texas Senate race; Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif is a free man ... for the time being.

  • September 18

    Vox Sentences: Florence’s flooding continues

    Hurricane Florence reaches the Northeast; Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in embrace in Pyongyang.

  • September 17

    Vox Sentences: Kavanaugh’s accuser comes forward

    Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser comes forward; the year’s most powerful storm lands in Southeast Asia.

  • September 13

    Vox Sentences: “Terrified” in Yemen

    Newbies take on establishment Democrats in the New York primaries; "hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance" in Yemen.

  • September 12

    Vox Sentences: China goes after its Muslim population

    China goes after its Muslim population; Moonves leaves CBS with a "thank you" while another CBS producer is ousted.

  • September 11

    Vox Sentences: Shot by a cop in his own apartment

    A deadly police shooting in Dallas; Tanzania’s president comes out against birth control.

  • September 10

    Vox Sentences: Hurricane Florence heads to the East Coast

    Hurricane Florence bears down on the East Coast; Sweden’s elections end in confusion.

  • September 7

    Vox Sentences: If you voted in North Carolina, ICE wants to see your records

    Voting records are on ICE in North Carolina; three natural disasters hit Japan in one week.

  • September 6

    Vox Sentences: A huge victory for LGBTQ rights in India

    The Blackwater murder trial ends with a hung jury; 20-Gay-Teen reaches India.

  • September 5

    Vox Sentences: Twitter, Facebook, and Alex Jones convene on Capitol Hill

    Twitter and Facebook testify while Alex Jones "confronts"; Iraq’s oil hub grapples with protests.

  • September 4

    Vox Sentences: Keeping up with the Kavanaugh hearings

    Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings are off to the races; Brazil’s National Museum burns.

  • August 31

    Vox Sentences: Nicaragua expels the UN

    Trump cuts funding for Palestinian refugees; Nicaragua expels a team of UN human rights advocates.

  • August 30

    Vox Sentences: Syria’s final push

    Natural-born citizens are losing their passports; Syrian civilians are at risk in a final effort to rid the country of rebels.

  • August 29

    Vox Sentences: A NAFTA by any other name

    The new deal intended to replace NAFTA is eerily similar; riots between far-right demonstrators and counterprotesters turn violent in Germany.

  • August 28

    Vox Sentences: South Africa to withdraw, North Carolina to redraw

    A federal court makes a decision that will shape the general election; South Africa withdraws its controversial expropriation bill.

  • August 27

    Vox Sentences: Pope Francis’s crisis of confidence

    Sen. John McCain is honored by politicians on both sides of the aisle in the wake of his death; Pope Francis begins an apology tour.

  • August 24

    Vox Sentences: Action against the “murderous operation” in Myanmar

    A plan that would disenfranchise black voters in Georgia quickly fails; lawmakers across Asia call for an investigation into the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar.

  • August 23

    Vox Sentences: Disarray down under

    Keeping up with the Australian government; Hawaii prepares for Hurricane Lane.

  • August 22

    Vox Sentences: The Trump administration is not down with CPP

    The Trump administration releases a new plan on climate change; women activists in Saudi Arabia face the death penalty.

  • August 21

    Vox Sentences: Trump’s lawyer pleads guilty, Trump’s campaign manager found guilty

    Cohen pleads, Manafort’s sentenced; the "last ice area" is no more.

  • August 20

    Vox Sentences: #MeToo leader faces sexual assault allegations

    Actress and #MeToo movement leader Asia Argento faces an allegation of sexual assault; Indonesia’s islands are rocked by more deadly earthquakes.

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