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The top candidate on the Black Conservatives Fund website is a white guy

America's leading black conservative
America's leading black conservative
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"The Black Conservatives Fund," according to the Black Conservatives Fund, "is committed to helping fund and elect black conservatives who are dedicated to spreading the message of true limited government and traditional values across our great land."

Naturally, the top candidate on their list is a white man.

(Black Conservatives Fund)

What's particularly striking here is that it's not just any white man. It's Chris McDaniel, a tea partier whose primary challenge to Thad Cochran was narrowly defeated by Cochran's mobilization of the state's African-American voters.

Mississippi has open primaries, so it was possible for the less-conservative Cochran to get Democratic voters (who, in Mississippi, are overwhelmingly black) to cross party lines and back him in a GOP primary. McDaniel, for his part, has tried to charge that Cochran's mobilization of black Democrats was illegal.

The Black Conservative Fund explains: "We want to not only give money to candidates, but we want to be the rapid response team that combats the hustling race-baiters." Thus the support for a white candidate who's nationally known for criticizing another white candidate for having black supporters.

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