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How to Admit You Screwed Up, 40 Years of a Marijuana Magazine and More #Mustreads

Take note, journos: This is how you acknowledge a mistake.

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Happy Friday!

One more day to the weekend! Awesome! Anyway, here are some links to tide you over until five o’clock, brought to you by the Re/code team:

  1. In journalism, particularly in the era of social media, it’s rare to see someone actually admit a mistake. Here’s a refreshing change of pace: On Wednesday, Deadspin ran a story accusing Congressman Cory Gardner of lying about having played high school football. Turns out Gardner did play football. Yesterday, Deadspin published a follow-up, titled “How Deadspin Fucked Up the Cory Gardner Story.” Self-conscious and funny, it’s a great way to publicly address a screw-up.
  2. This year marks the 40th anniversary of High Times, the stoner-mag monthly that’s been a counterculture staple since its inception. Slate’s Seth Stevenson profiled the magazine, chronicling its down years (like when Norman Mailer’s son tried to turn it into a literary hub) and asking good questions about the place of subversive pot journalism as weed becomes more mainstream.
  3. In the Atlantic’s November issue focusing on technology, there’s a four-page spread with lots of numbers and pictures illustrating what Silicon Valley thinks of the state of tech today. Forty-two percent of those surveyed think we’re in a tech bubble, and apparently 12-13 is the agreed-upon age range for when your kid should get a smartphone. Thanks to Valleywag for flagging.
  4. Game developer Brianna Wu was forced to leave her home because of threats she received from people affiliated with the Gamergate movement. In xoJane, she wrote about the press coverage she received (including from Re/code).
  5. If you were hoping that the winter rains might end, or at least ease, the California drought, sorry. It’s just going to get worse. For more details, including maps and charts, head to Mother Jones.

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