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The new iPads are coming. Here's what to expect.

Are you ready for the Touch ID iPad?
Are you ready for the Touch ID iPad?
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Oops. Apple appears to have accidentally released details on its new iPads Wednesday, one day before the big event where the company is expected to unveil the newest iPad Air and iPad mini. The Verge reports that images of the new tablets popped up in a user manual for iOS 8 that was on the iTunes store. Among the other details included in the diagrams, the newest tablets will be named the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

They're hitting the market as tablet fever is tapering off. Yes, sales are expected to grow by 11 percent this year, according to tech market research firm Gartner, but that's down from 55 percent last year. Here are a few things to expect from Apple as they try to up their tablet game.

Touch ID. It appears the new iPads will incorporate Touch ID fingerprint sensors, perhaps the biggest upgrade from the last models, as the Verge writes. This is useful not only for unlocking your iPad but for the many apps that use Touch ID — Amazon, Mint, eHarmony, and password services like 1Password, for example.

Even thinner. The new iPad Air is reportedly another half a millimeter thinner than the current Air, according to Macworld UK. Let's just hope it doesn't bend.

Nonreflective screens. Current iPads can be downright obnoxious to use in direct sunlight, thanks to their super-shiny screens. Both of the new iPads are expected to incorporate nonreflective screens to improve this situation, as the Verge writes.

Gold color options. Right now in the Apple store, you can only get an iPad in very basic colors — gray, silver, black, white. Now, Apple is adding gold as an option for both the new Air and Mini models, as Bloomberg reported earlier this year.

Faster. TechRadar reports that the new iPad Air might include the A8 chip that's in the new iPhone 6 and 6+, and that it may also have 2 gigabytes of RAM, twice the amount on the last Air.

Split screen. Right now, you just can't do several things at once on an iPad like you can on your Macbook. There are rumors the new iPads could change this. Apple started testing split-screen multitasking back in May, as 9to5mac reports, though the site also hedges that Apple will hold the feature for the 12-inch iPad, which Bloomberg has reported won't come until next year.

Price. iPad Air 2 will likely start at $499, with the Mini starting at $399, according to Mashable.

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