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Ebola by the numbers

The numbers behind the worst Ebola outbreak in history.

Ebola death 1016

The worst Ebola outbreak ever

People infected with Ebola in the 2014 outbreak: 8,914

People infected in the second deadliest (and first recorded) Ebola outbreak in 1976: 318

Average death for Ebola Zaire, the strain that's circulating this year: 68%

Deaths per week from Ebola in West Africa (as of October 7th): 91

Deaths per week from HIV4,795

Deaths per week from diarrhea2,828

Projected Ebola deaths
per week by December, according to the WHO: 10,000

Countries most affected by Ebola: West Africa's Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone

Ebola deaths in West Africa this year: 4,400+

How Ebola has spread

ebola map

Number of countries that diagnosed Ebola cases in 2014: 6

Ebola deaths in the US: 1

Ebola cases diagnosed in the US: 3

How many people get Ebola from one infected person: 1.5-2

For every four known Ebola cases, the number of cases that go unreported6

Doctors per 100,000 population in the US: 245

In Liberia: 1.4

In Guinea: 10

In Sierra Leone: 2.2


Health spending per-person per-year in the US (2012): $8,895

In Liberia: $65

In Guinea: $32

In Sierra Leone: $96

The toll on health workers

ebola stages

Health workers who have died from Ebola (as of October 8): 233

Health workers who have been infected: 400+

Dallas nurses infected with Ebola: 2

Dallas health-care workers currently being followed by the CDC: 50

Of the 17 Ebola patients treated outside of West Africa, number who were health workers: 9