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Apple's Second Fall Launch: Thinner iPads, Higher-Res iMac and No Bono

Join us for the 10 am event, where we expect to see new iPads and get more details on Apple Pay.

Apple announced a slew of new products at its second fall event Thursday — all of which were essentially upgrades to its existing devices, including a thinner iPad, a higher-resolution iMac and a more efficient Mac Mini.

But unlike the fanfare that accompanied its September event, it doesn’t look like today’s announcement will generate any major lines at Apple stores. The more subdued presentation was also Bono free.

Here’s the lineup:

  • The key feature of the new iPad Air 2, according to CEO Tim Cook, is how thin it is — about 20 percent thinner than the last one. It has an updated camera and a second-generation chip, A8X, with a 40 percent faster processor. We’re still wondering if these upgrades will keep the category relevant.
  • Apple Pay will be available starting Oct. 20. The new payment service will be supported by American Express, MasterCard and Visa, along with a bunch of the top banks in the U.S.
  • The new 27-inch iMac is the highest-resolution display on the market, according to marketing head Phil Schiller. With 14.7 million pixels, Apple’s calling it 5K to make sure you know it’s “better” than 4K.
  • A new Mac Mini with a fourth-generation Intel processor and a $499 price tag.
  • The latest version of iOS, 8.1, will be available Oct. 20, while the new desktop OS, Yosemite, is available today.
  • The SDK for the Apple Watch will be available for developers in November.

Join Re/code journalists Dawn Chmielewski, Ina Fried, Lauren Goode and Bonnie Cha for live coverage starting right before the 10 am PT event.

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