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NousDecor Raises $2.1 Million for "Same Look, Different Price" Site

The site translates decor photos into shopping lists.

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NousDecor, a site for creating home-decorating mood boards, has raised $2.1 million in seed funding.

Versus giants like Houzz and Pinterest, NousDecor is just a baby, with on the order of 100,000 visitors. But the site has some distinctive features, most notably “Same Look, Different Price,” where a combination of automation and curation help people find cheaper ways to decorate their rooms like they’ve seen in a picture.

NousDecor has a directory of 2 million items through partnerships with companies like Dwell, affiliate relationships and scraping. There’s another coming feature that helps people sort through furniture by specifying dimensions.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company was founded and is led by Heather Gillette, a veteran of social media who was one of the earliest employees at YouTube, where she led the copyright and abuse-response teams. Then she turned to home design, building and decorating a barn to be her home.

NousDecor’s main backer is Kathy Clark, who was formerly married to YouTube founding CEO Chad Hurley, as well as Jennifer Carrico and Chris Kelly, who were early at YouTube and Facebook, respectively.

“For the most part, other sites are still about connecting you with a professional or just a grouping of items,” Gillette said in an interview. “Translating a picture of a room into items is designed for the way people actually decorate.”

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