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Apparent Gamergate Threats Force Developer From Her Home

Giant Spacekat's Brianna Wu said she contacted the authorities following a series of violent Twitter messages.

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Independent game developer Brianna Wu said on Twitter Friday evening that she and her husband had contacted authorities and left their home, following a series of online threats, in what appears to be continuing fallout from the “Gamergate” saga.

(Warning: The Twitter post that follows contains explicit and violent language).

Wu is head of development at Giant Spacekat, which created the game “Revolution 60.” She received a series of threatening messages on Twitter, one of which included her home address, after reposting the below meme making fun of Gamergate.

Wu confirmed the details of the incident in an email exchange with Re/code. She said she’s confident the threats originated within the Gamergate community because of activity she’s monitored in dedicated chatrooms.

“I don’t know what else to do but stand tall, not let people intimidate me and keep doing what I love,” she said in a statement provided to other reporters as well. “My company is about to work with a major console company to put our game on a next gen system — that’s a dream for any game developer, and I’m not going to let [those] people stop me.”

Re/code gaming editor Eric Johnson laid out the background (and vocabulary) of Gamergate in earlier pieces this week:

Gamergate is a sizable online community of videogame fans who are upset about growing criticisms of their favorite hobby, especially claims that today’s games often depict women in demeaning ways. Complicating the matter further, Gamergate advocates say the debate about women in gaming is being enabled by a weak and corrupt gaming press.

… But that’s not what Gamergate has shown it cares about in practice. The labels of “ethics” and “corruption” are, to date, a thin veil over an ongoing attempt to undermine women in the gaming industry and the games press. Anyone who advocates for gender equality, or better representation, or even just a more open discussion is considered an enemy to be bullied, boycotted or, in some cases, harassed.

A series of threats also recently forced academic Anita Sarkeesian, who publishes the video series Tropes vs. Women, to leave her home, a matter the FBI has been investigating.


The Twitter account that made the threats above has been suspended. Meanwhile, some Gamergate supporters are claiming it wasn’t affiliated with them.

The police officer Wu dealt with is currently off duty and could not be reached. No one else from the department was available for comment.

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