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Wearable Furbys and On-Demand High Fives Highlight Comedy Hack Day

It's just like a typical Silicon Valley hackathon -- except their results are intentionally laughable.

Cultivated Wit

These days, hackathons are everywhere.

Teams get together, spend a couple of days and partly flesh out a kind of cool idea into something almost usable. The best ones get a prize and, in rare cases, the teams stick together and actually build something.

Ideally, there are a few laughs along the way.

With Comedy Hack Day, the products are similar, but the laughs are mandatory. The winner of the recent competition, for example, combined the Furby toy with a Siri-like personal assistant into a ridiculous — and ridiculously cute — wearable.

The runner-up (and also the crowd favorite) was High Fyves, an iPhone app to find someone nearby to, well, slap you five. (Full disclosure: I served as a judge for Comedy Hack Day.)

Among the also-rans were Good? Morning, an alarm clock app that threatens to blackmail you, and Duolingus — a play on language learning site Duolingo that allows users to improve their skills in the, um, language of love.

Comedy Hack Day is the brainchild Baratunde Thurston, a former staffer for The Onion, who now runs Cultivated Wit. The next comedy hack day takes place in December in Los Angeles.

Here’s a video of the winning Furby entry.

And here is the team from High Fyves:

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