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Cartoon Network is airing its first ever miniseries in November

The Over the Garden Wall characters look through a part in the rushes.
Over the Garden Wall.
(Cartoon Network)

Cartoon Network plans to air a 10-episode miniseries beginning on November 3. The series, Over the Garden Wall, is based on a short by Patrick McHale, former creative director for Adventure Time, called Tome of the Unknown. The short, which won Best Animated Short in January's Santa Barbara Film Festival, was developed as part of CN's shorts program, Cartoonstitute, reports Deadline. It's just the latest evidence of the resurgence of the miniseries as a viable way to tell stories on television and one of just a handful of animated miniseries in American TV history. (One prominent previous example starred the Peanuts gang.)

The miniseries will follow the adventures of two brothers named Wirt and Greg — voiced, respectively, by Elijah Wood and Collin Dean — as they make their way through a magical forest in the hopes of finding home. Wood and Dean are joined by the voice talents of many respected actors, including Bebe Neuwirth, John Cleese, Tim Curry, and Deborah Voight.

Over the Garden Wall is being billed as a "visually stunning series [that] offers a soft and nostalgic storybook feeling, inspired by folk art, classical illustrations and features a soundtrack full of Americana-influenced original songs," according to Cartoon Network's press release.

Judging from this behind-the-scenes video, that description seems spot on.

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