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Create your own hyperviolent John Oliver headlines

So far this year, HBO's John Oliver has "ripped into" the Obama administration's drone policy, "absolutely destroyed" Dr. Oz, "completely destroyed" the idea that hard work can make you rich, and "ripped FIFA to shreds." And that's just on His violent rampage has also extended to other sites' headlines, in a trend Oliver himself has noticed.

But John Oliver keeps obliterating things. And we here at need to keep finding new headlines for his blood-soaked comedy routines. So, being a technology company, we figured there had to be a better way. And, sure, enough, there was. Introducing the John Oliver Headline Generator. Click below to headline Oliver's latest spree killing.

And here's John Oliver actually, literally, beheading something:

Special thanks to Vox staff for contributing words, and Tyson Whiting for the awesome illustration above.