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Flying Like Saudi Royalty, Trading Your Kids for Wi-Fi and More #Mustreads

Here's what $23,000 will get you on Singapore Airlines.


Good morning!

Content! You want it, we have it. Here’s some of the best stuff on the Web, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. What’s it like to take a $23,000 flight? “Adventure traveler and engineer” Derek Low can show you, because he documented his trip from Singapore to New York aboard Singapore Airlines’ ultra-luxury Suites Class. The Suites Class has double beds, caviar, Blue Bottle Coffee, an on-demand full-service staff, a “complimentary” bottle of Dom Pérignon and a private check-in/departure lounge. Reminder: $23,000.
  2. Want to take your mind off Ebola? No problem. Read this terrifying Arielle Duhaime-Ross feature in The Verge about an under-hyped threat facing America: The largely unregulated use of antibiotics on farm animals, which makes them (and the people who eat them) more vulnerable to infectious diseases.
  3. You should be very wary whenever you click on anything on the Web, and doubly wary when you use “free public Wi-Fi.” That’s the point of this U.K. experiment, which was able to convince several Web users to (unwittingly) agree to a “Herod clause” — giving up their first-born children — in exchange for free Internet access.
  4. Candidate for lede of the year, from New York Times’ food critic Pete Wells: “We were halfway through appetizers at Cherche Midi, passing the steak tartare and spreading anchovy toasts with softly jiggly Parmesan custard, when one of my guests suddenly tilted his head and listened. He looked like the boy in a tornado movie who notices that the birds have stopped singing.”
  5. Using this handy calculator from Quartz, you can now find out just how much money you save by making a cocktail at home instead of at the bar. You can enter the type of drink and the quality of the ingredients (Hendrick’s or Bombay Sapphire?), and then let the shame course through your body as you realize how much you’ve been overpaying.

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