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Viral Video: Carnegie Mellon Students' Game Demo Blows Internet's Collective Mind

Just wait till you get to the part with the doors.

The Museum of Simulation Technology / Pillow Castle Games

Most first-person games have some sort of shooting involved, be it with a gun on land or from the cockpit of an armed vehicle. But a “first-person puzzler” made by a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University looks to be something completely different.

The students, who call themselves Pillow Castle Games, posted a demo of a game called the Museum of Simulation Technology on YouTube earlier this week, and since then, it has been blowing up Reddit and Twitter. The video explains the game pretty well through captions along the bottom, but the short version: Players pick up and alter the size of objects by changing their perspective in 3-D space.

In parts, the game recalls both puzzle hit Portal and its even-better sequel Portal 2, and Scale, a sizing-based Kickstarter game project that was successfully funded last year. Here’s the video from Scale’s Kickstarter campaign for comparison:

[kickstarter url= width=640]

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