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Apple, Samsung to Meet With Mediator Over Patent Spat

Let's try hugging it out one more time.

leonori / Shutterstock

Now Samsung, what I hear Apple saying is that they feel like their hard work has been taken.

Apple, what I hear Samsung saying is that they feel like you are trying to patent rectangles.

Can we just hug it out?

That’s right, folks. Apple’s and Samsung’s top executives are due for another round of settlement talks with a mediator, though past efforts haven’t amounted to much.

The latest “can’t you two just work it out” session comes ahead of a March trial in San Jose, Calif., on the latest patent dispute between the two tech giants.

A prior trial (and subsequent partial retrial) resulted in juries awarding Apple hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, though both sides are appealing various parts of the verdict. The upcoming March trial is over a newer generation of Apple and Samsung products.

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