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It’s Official: Everyone Is Exploring Wearables -- Including Lenovo

The Chinese PC maker says it's in the "strategy development" phase.

It’s easier to name the companies that haven’t yet taken the wearable plunge (*cough* Apple *cough*) than to rattle off those that have.

And now you can add Lenovo to the latter list.

Jay Parker, president of Lenovo North America, said today that the Chinese PC-maker is in the “strategy development” phase of wearable computing.

“We’re talking about it internally and trying to develop our viewpoint on it,” he said in an interview with Re/code at CES. “I don’t think [wearables] will be very relevant and mainstream for the next couple years, but we’re interested to see where it goes and what we can do with that.”

So, will Lenovo make a wearable product?

“Potentially,” he said.

If Lenovo’s plans come to fruition, the company — which in recent months has claimed the global top PC-maker title — would join the likes of Samsung, Sony, Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel and many other companies that have either already launched wearable products or have committed to developing in the category.

Parker stressed the importance of expanding beyond one kind of device as the PC market continues to contract, noting the company’s more recent expansion into tablets and smartphones. (The company’s smartphones currently don’t ship to the U.S., though late last year Lenovo climbed into the No. 3 spot behind Samsung and Apple for smartphone sales in China.)

“If we just view ourselves as a technology company limited to one device set, we won’t have a long future,” Parker said. “So we need to always be thinking of what’s next, and wearables is one of those things.”

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