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Tapulous Co-Founder Bart Decrem Departs Disney

Tap, tap, he's out.

Bart Decrem — the co-founder of Tapulous, maker of Tap Tap Revenge, one of the first mobile game apps to go viral — is leaving Disney, which bought the startup in 2010. In an email to me, Decrem said that “after three years of running the mobile games group, I am leaving Disney over the next few weeks (transitioned my position some months ago).”

He also posted a short goodbye on Facebook, which is below.


Late last year, the man who brought Decrem to Disney and was co-head of its interactive division, John Pleasants, also left Disney.

Here’s a video I did in early 2009 when I went to visit the HQ of Tapulous in Palo Alto, Calif:

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