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Asus CEO Teases Padfone X Phone-Tablet Hybrid, Coming Soon to AT&T

The five-inch phone packs LTE-Advanced support and HD Voice capability and can also dock into a nine-inch screen to become a tablet.

Unlike some years, AT&T didn’t show off a lot of new phones and tablets at its pre-CES developer summit. Instead, it chose to focus on its connected-car efforts and a new “sponsored data” option.

However, Asus CEO Jerry Shen did make a brief appearance at the event to show off the Padfone X, a five-inch smartphone that also docks in a larger screen to become a nine-inch tablet. The Padfone X is the latest effort by Asus to combine phones, tablets and laptops in various hybrid devices.

The Padfone, Shen said, is “very convenient when it comes to entertainment.”

The device, which also packs LTE-Advanced support and HD Voice capabilities, is coming later this year, with more details expected at Asus’ press conference later on Monday.

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